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SAINT JOSEPH, pray for us.


Saint Joseph is the greatest saint. Special instance to single people, because his caste life; to married persons, as Chief  of the Sacred Family; to consecrated and apostles, in his devotion to Jesus and Mary; to priests, in his reverence for Christ; to workers since he was always a worker.
He is the patron saint of a good and sweet death, because he himself died in the arms of Jesus and Mary.
St. Teresa of Avila wrote: " There is no occasion that I remember asking favors from him and that he haven't provided them. It is amazing the many graces I have received from God  by  the  intermediation  of  this  saint  mediator, the dangers  to  soul  and  body from which he has delivered me. To other saints, it seems,  the Lord has given the grace to help and succor in a special need; but this  glorious saint, I have as personal experience, helps in all need and distress, so wants our Lord give us a signal  that as He was subject to St. Joseph in His earthly life, so He wants to grant him all his requests in heaven".
The church dedicate St. Joseph two days in the year:  March 19th and  May 1st . Also consecrate the whole month of March to him in special veneration.-

   Consecration of Christian Families 

                     to the Family of Nazareth

Oh  gentle Jesus, our Redeemer, that chose  to spend most of your mortal life in humility and submission to Mary and Joseph in the humble house of Nazareth sanctifying the family order ..., receive benignly our family, consecrated from now on to you. Protect it, keep it safe, and help it  to follow your steps; give it the peace and harmony of christian charity, so in following the example of Your Family, we became one with You, the Father and the Holy Spirit and with the Celestial Family of Angels and Saints. Mary, loving Mother of Jesus and our Mother, intercede on our behalf so Your Son accept  our Consecration, and attain for us His divine blessing and graces. Oh Saint Joseph, holy guardian of Jesus and Mary, help us with your prayers in all our spiritual and temporal needs so we can praise Jesus, our Redeemer, eternally together  with  you and Mary, your beloved Wife.

"... I had as master and advocate the glorious Saint Joseph, and commended myself wholly to him. I clearly saw that in this need as in larger ones of honor and loss of soul this father and master of mine took me off in better way than I knew to ask.

 I can not remember a time when I supplicated him for something and did not have received it. It is amazing how many mercies I have obtained from God by means of this blessed saint, from the dangers I was freed as much in soul as in body; it seems that to other saints the Lord gives grace to help in one need but this glorious saint, I have experienced, helps in all needs and circumstances... "
(Saint Teresa de Avila)

This small site has been made with scarce technical knowledge but with deep love and large religious fervor. It is dedicated to Saint Joseph     who was the figure of God Father on Earth. I  keenly wish this small memento bring anew in us the desire to revere and pray to the Church Universal Patron. If you have any suggestion, please, send it clicking on the preceding icon. This page was updated on November 7th, 2003.

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