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    ROSARY in honor to "SAINT JOSEPH."
First mystery: We contemplate Saint Joseph, THE  JUST MAN to the eyes of God. - (Mt. 1,18-21.24).
The birth of Jesus Christ was like this: Mary, her mother, was betrothed to Joseph and even as they had not still lived together, a son was conceived in her by work of the Holy Spirit. Joseph, her husband that was a just man didn't want to denounce her openly so he resolved to abandon her secretly.
 While he was thinking this the Angel of God appeared to him in dreams and told him: "Joseph, son of David, don't fear to receive Mary, your wife, because what has been engendered in Her  comes from the Holy Spirit.  She will give birth to a son whom you will call Jesus, because He will clean His people of all their sins."
All this happened so that what God has announced by the prophet was fulfilled: "The Virgin will conceive and she will give birth to a son whom you will  name Emmanuel that means: ' God - with - us'."
Upon awakening, Joseph made what the Angel of God had ordered him and he received his wife in his house.  And in time she gave birth to a son whom Joseph put the name of JESUS.
Meditation: Saint Joseph adhered  in total trust to the project of God for him.  Do we let the Word of God  and the Word of the Church guide us in our options in life?. -
         (Our Father, 10 Hail Mary, Glory. ) 

    Second mystery: we contemplate Saint Joseph, THE VIRGINAL HUSBAND of Holy Mary. (Lc. 1,34-38).
       Mary then said to the Angel: "how can I be a mother, if I don't cohabit with any man?". The Angel answered:"The Holy Spirit will descend on you and  the power of the Most High will cover you with His Shade. For that reason the Child will be Holy and  will be called Son of God. Also your cousin Elisabeth has conceived a son in spite her age, and the one that was considered sterile  is already in her sixth month of pregnancy, because there is nothing impossible for God."
        Mary said then: I am the servant of the Lord, let it be to me as you have said." And the Angel went away.
        Meditation: Marriage, among baptized people,  is a sacrament, sign of the love between Christ and the Church. It is a road toward  Christian sanctity. It is lived as a Christian marriage when the dialogue, the mutual love, the very procreation and the education of  children corresponds fully to the project of God expressed in the revealed Word and in the teaching of the Church. The Sacred Family of Nazaret is for all   families model of union, domestic virtues and sanctity.
                                 (Our Father, 10 Hail Mary, Glory. )

 Third mystery we contemplate  Saint Joseph, THE TRUSTING EMIGRANT  ,en the huída to Egypt. (Mt. 2, 13-15).

               After the departure of the Magi the Angel of God  appeared in dreams to Joseph and told him: "Get up,  take the Child and His mother and flee to Egypt where you will remain until I warn you, because Herodes will try to  kill Him." Joseph  rose at night,  took the Child and His mother and left for Egypt.

               There   they   remained   until  Herodes'  death, so  that  what  God  has  announced  by  the prophet  was fulfilled:  "From Egypt I called to my Son."

          Meditation: Christian parents must make their biggest effort to protect their own children in the physical, moral and spiritual life. There are many  "Herodes" in today's world that can cause an immense harm especially to young children.

        (Our Father, 10 Hail Mary, Glory. )

 Fourth mystery: we contemplate Saint Joseph, THE WISE HEAD of the Sacred Family. (Lc. 2,51-52; Mt. 13,54-55a).

           Jesus returned with his parents to Nazaret and  obediently lived  there  with them. His mother kept all these things carefully in her heart. Jesus grew in wisdom, in stature and in grace before God and men. 

          Jesus, returning to His Homeland,  taught in the Synagogue, in such a way that amazed people say: " Isn't  this   the carpenter's son"?.

          Meditation: A family is also governed by the  wise, attentive and affectionate presence of the father. The dialogue among parents and children and praying together will help  the family to find  and  carry out the project of God.

                    (Our Father, 10 Hail Mary, Glory. )

            Fifth  mystery:  we  contemplate  Saint  Joseph,     THE   LOYAL OBSERVANT  of religious celebrations.    (Lc. 2, 41-43

      "Jesus' parents went every year to Jerusalem on Easter. When the boy was twelve years old, they ascended as always and being the feast over, Mary and Joseph returned not knowing that Jesus remained in Jerusalem."

          Meditation: The religion must be lived *together* in family. Parents should not say to their children: "Go to mass..., go to the church..., go to confession..., pray!". Parents should say : "Let's go  to mass, to confess, etc... The family life is a communion life, must be felt and lived in communitily, with strength.

                     (Our Father, 10 Hail Mary, Glory. )