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The Pope John Paul II, dedicated to Saint Joseph one of the main altars of Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome. In his apostolic exhortation "Redemptoris custos" he wrote (15/08/89), the following: "I desire vividly that the present memory of Saint Joseph's figure renovates  in us the intensity of prayer that  one century ago, my predecessor Leon XIII recommended to direct to him."

This prayer and the very figure of Saint Joseph acquire a renewed presence for the Church of our time, in relationship with the Christian Millennium."


Oh Saint Joseph, with you and by your mediation we bless the Lord. He has chosen you among all  men to be the chaste husband of Mary, he who is by the doors of the mystery of her maternity and that, after her, accepts it with faith, like the work of the Holy Spirit.
You  have given Jesus a legal paternity in the genealogy of David. You continually have watched with affectionate application over the Mother and the Child God, to make that their lives were sure and they could fulfill their missions.
Jesus Savior has deigned to accept you as a father, during his childhood and adolescence and to receive from you the teachings for  human life, while you shared His life in the adoration of His mystery.
Now you live with Him. Please continue protecting  the whole Church family born of the salvation brought by Jesus. Look at the spiritual and  materials needs of all those that seek your intercession.
Remember  the families and particularly  the poor: for your mediation they are sure of obtaining Mary's maternal look and Jesus' hand that aids them.
                                                       Amen. -