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Almighty God, that trusted the first mysteries of the salvation of men to the faithful custody of St. Joseph, make that for his mediation the Church keep them faithfully and bring them to plenitude in its mission of salvation. Allow us to serve you with a pure heart as that of St. Joseph who gave himself totally to the service of your Son born from the Virgin Mary. Amen
  St. Joseph: be always our protector. That your internal spirit of peace, silence, honest work, and  prayer in the service of the Church give us life and happiness in union with your blessed Spouse, our Sweet and Immaculate Mother in the strong  and mild love to Jesus, Glorious and Immortal King of the centuries and the people. Amen
  Mighty head of lineage, sinners' sanctuary, safe shelter of the souls, effective help to distressed mankind, sweet consolation to forsaken people, glorious St. Joseph, the last breath of my life will come someday; my soul will feel grieved before my bad life and my many sins, the last step to eternity will be hard, the devil, my foe, will try to defeat me with all the infernal powers to make me lose God for all eternity; my natural strength will be nil, I wont have any human help, so from now on I invoke you, my father, to your patronage I adhere, assist me in that moment so that I do not falter in my faith, hope and charity; when you died, your Son and my God, your Spouse and my Lady, chased away the demons not letting them to fight against your spirit. By those favors and for those that in your life you received from them I plead you to drive away those enemies of my soul so I can end my life in peace and in love with Jesus, Mary and you, St. Joseph. Amen.
  To you, blessed Joseph, we come in our tribulation and after pleading for assistance to your Most Holy Spouse, we implore your help, too. In the charity that kept you united to the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God and in the paternal love you embrace the Child Jesus, we humbly beg of you to turn benignly your eyes  to the heirs that with His blood bought Jesus Christ and that with your power and help assist them in their needs.
Protect, provident guardian of the divine family, the chosen descendants of Jesus Christ; remove from us all mark of error and corruption, assist us propitiously from heaven, mighty liberator, in this fighting against the power of darkness; and as in other times you liberated the Child Jesus from the impending danger of His life, defend God's holy Church from the lurking of its enemies and from all adversity, and protect each one of us with you continuous help so that, taking example from you and sustained by your aid we could live saintly, die piously and reach in heaven the eternal bliss. Amen
  Father and protector of chastity, glorious Saint Joseph, in whose faithful custody was entrusted  the very Innocence, Jesus Christ and the Virgin of virgins, Mary; for this twofold and most loved token, Jesus and Mary, I pray and plead you to help me always purely serve  Jesus and Mary with uncontaminated soul, pure heart and a chaste body. Amen
  Saint Joseph, you have been the God blessed tree, not to give fruits but to give shadows, protecting shadow for Mary, your Spouse; shadow for Jesus, that called you father, and to whom you bestowed all your being. Your life, woven of work and silence, teach me to be useful in all situations; teach me, above all, to wait in darkness, strong in faith. Seven sorrows and seven joys resume your existence. The joys of Jesus and Mary, summary of your limitless donation. May your example be always with me. To blossom where the Father's will have planted me..., to learn to wait, to give myself totally so the sadness and joy of all others be my sadness and joy. Amen
  Lord, that with ineffable providence has deigned to choose Saint Joseph as husband for your Holy Mother, let him  be our venerated  protector on earth and our mediator in heaven. Amen
   Blessed Saint Joseph,
 your intercession can make possible impossible things
 come to help me in these moments
 of anguish and hardship.

 Take under your protection
  the difficult and grave situations
  I commend to you,
  so they have a happy solution
  according to God's will.

  My beloved father:
  I trust you entirely
  and abandon myself as a small child
  sleeping in his dad's arms.

  That could not be said
   I appealed to you in vain.
   And as you, through the Lord, can everything accomplish
   in front of Jesus and Mary,
   show me your kindness
   is as greater as your power.