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Our  Father, that have given a humble heart to those you have selected  for doing your will, we ask you that Saint Joseph, our friend, help us to open our heart so your love flood us and banish all pride and arrogance so we can better fulfill your will. We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.
O God, that in your huge love for us has given us your Son Jesus Christ, who dying and resuscitating gave us new life, we ask you, by the mediation of Saint Joseph, to take care and protect  all  fiances, fiancees and those who want to marry. Give us a heart in love that seeks to surrender itself to You more intensely each day. You, who live and reign now and forever. Amen
O God, that wanted to reveal in Saint Joseph how we must be united to Jesus, your Son and to Mary, our Mother, we ask you by the mediation of this Sacred Family to eliminate from us all seed of doubt and mistrust; that in the bosom of our families grow the quest for unity, that make
close those set apart, that reunite those that have gone to your celestial home where some day we want to find ourselves together as a family around the table in your Kingdom. Thou, who live and reign now and forever. Amen
Father, in the words of your gospel you showed us how you chose Saint Joseph to be the adoptive father of  your Son and husband of Mary, we ask you to give us a heart that sustained by your Word and Love, could say "yes" every day: in work, studies and home and so walk safely to your encounter, with your Son Jesus, with Saint Joseph, with Mary and all Saints. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen
Father, hear the prayer we raise to you, through our friend Saint Joseph, who knew how to walk with his heart full of hope and so his example prod us to be God's pilgrims, with the same hope that filled St. Joseph heart and so should a fear or doubt assault us we would go to your Love that never abandon the weak persons we are nor those that invoke You from their soul. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen
God, Father of humankind, in your kindness has chosen Saint Joseph as adoptive father of your Son, here on earth, by his mediation hear the prayers that our hearts raise to you, we that have received the gift of being parents. Let us be always good in your sight. Listen specially to those that have difficulties in being dignified parents so they change their ways, to those that can not generate life so they never lose hope; to divorced couples so they come together again. Do not forget those parents (my father, mother, parents) that already live in your Kingdom so that one day all together, led by your Spirit of Love we could sing your glory as Children of God in your home in Heaven. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Lord, Creator of all things that has trusted to humankind your creation to be toiled and made to give fruits we ask, by mediation of Saint Joseph that tasted the value of human work, on behalf of all workers in the world so they appreciate and love their work. We ask your blessings to the unemployed so they have always your help; to the retired people that have given their life working so they could receive a fair reward for their efforts; to all us so, filled by your Love, find the strength to keep working in the building of your Kingdom. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
O Jesus, that moved by your large love did not want to leave us alone, but has became one of us and that by your Spirit of Love walk with us and speak to our heart, we ask you that, as Saint Joseph, we get a generous heart that know to listen to you in silence, be strong in suffering, give praise in happy times and love you in solitude so when we are in your presence with empty hands you fill them with your blessings until we reach the supreme good: Eternal Life. You who live and reign with God the Father now and forever. Amen.
O Father,  that seeing the fall of humankind sent your Son to save us from death and sin that chained us we ask, by mediation of Saint Joseph, that following in his steps we live far away of selfishness and full of confidence and happiness could celebrate together the gift of faith and so walk toward the Eternal Feast. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen