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The Sweet Death of Saint Joseph
Protector of Dying People

"...After enduring a hard illness and big and grievous spiritual tests, Saint Joseph perceived that the end of his terrestrial life was very close.
He could also perceive as the angels charmingly invited his blessed soul to leave and rest in the bosom of Abraham.

The living flame of love that blazed in the center of his heart consumed him slowly; suddenly a strong impulse took him to heaven, there he was during hours in intimate and loving conversation with God, who show him  and made him participate of the delights of Paradise. After that he could speak with Jesus and with Mary who were to his side. He begged them with immense fondness to forgive him all the deficiencies that he had had during his life. He thanked them for all the love that they had given him and for the patience they endured his flaws.

He expressed his immense gratitude for all the attention that they had given him during his long and painful illness. Finally he thanked with great fervor to his Dear Son, the Savior, for what had already suffered and for what would suffer in the future when carrying out el Great Work of the Redemption. And as a sign of his deep love for his wife, full with faith, he entrusted Her to the care of Her Divine Son. He looked at her with love, but also with *compassion*, because  the great anguish and pains that she would have to support during the death of the Savior.

Thereupon, Jesus Himself  confirmed him as PATRON and PROTECTOR of the DYING, and  the Saint renewed once more his acceptance of this office, humbly he had made this task all his life, attending with love to all the needful. The fire of DIVINE love in his heart began to be more and more intense. The hardships and pains increased and he entered this way in the last agony, directed his eyes as always to heaven, then lowered them slowly and  noticed those of Jesus and Mary, and he found great comfort in this contemplation.

Jesus was always at his side,  He took Joseph's hands among His and  spoke to him of the Glory, of the Love and of the Generosity of the Celestial Father. These words penetrated deeply in the soul of the moribund Joseph and  inflamed even more his love for God. The end had arrived. The Son invited  the blessed soul of Joseph to leave his body, He took it in His sacred hands and  trusted it to the angels who escorted it into LIMBO.

San Joseph  was 61 years old  in the moment of his death. The news scattered all over NAZARETH. Friends and neighbors that always recognized Jose as a holy man and of sublime virtues, accompanied his family during the funeral and deeply affected they cried his departure.

When Jesus  resuscitated on the third day He went down the LIMBO and took  all the souls that were confined there. The soul of Joseph was glorified and for the power and will of God he met with his body that still remained in scent of sanctity. Joseph  made his ENTRANCE TO HEAVEN,  next to * his * SON at the time of the Ascension. Now the Saint occupies in virtue of his virginity and of the great heart purity a very distinguished  throne near Christ and very near the one occupied by the QUEEN of  Angels and of Men.

Joseph  enjoys in Heaven a glory that is indescribable and that surpasses the one of all the other saints.  He is  our intercessor to God, especially for the moribund ones. God grants big graces to those that request them through Saint Jose, and let him help the heart-stricken and oppressed, since he has had to support so many tribulations in this world. He obtains graces for all but * very especially * for those that love him and feel devotion for him. The outcome is wonderful !!!!.

* * * * * * *
Free interpreted excerpts from the book * Life of Saint Joseph * of M.C. Baij published by
The 101 Foundation  Inc.  ISBN: 1-890137-01-4  (Imprimatur: Most Reverend Raymond E. Goedert, MA, S.T.L.  J.C.L.   General Vicar, Archdiocese of Chicago, February 10, 1997)

Prayer to request a good death.

Glorious San Jose that deserved to give the Creator your Blessed soul in Jesus'  and Mary's arms, I request you  to defend me from all the enemies in that supreme moment of  life; in such a way that consoled by the sweet hope of flying with you to possess the eternal glory in heaven, I expire pronouncing the names of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

 Jesus, Joseph and Mary,  I give you my heart and my soul.
Jesus, Joseph and Mary, attend me in my last agony.
     Jesus, Joseph and Mary, receive, when I die, my soul.


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