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   Marriage is in itself, sacred, since God made it this way, but it is much  more sacred  still since Christ elevated it to the  rank  of:


In conjugal love there is a very  important objective that is fecundity, material or natural (grow and  multiply yourselves). Then with the child's arrival, he or she, the father and the mother become a pale but sweet image of the Most Holy Trinity

   Consecrated  people  on  the  other  hand  are  called  to chastity, they   sacrifice  natural  fecundity  for  spiritual fecundity that in fact is highly superior to the former. 

   There  exist  many  lay  people  that exercise this virtue: single, virgins  and  even  some marriaged persons. It is said that  in the  world there are many marriages that offer to God the  exercise of continence, it can be during a certain period of  time, or during a  lifetime (there are not many of these). In  both cases, only the  spouses  decide, in  common consent, when and for how long they will make the offering. 

   Whatever  the duration, it is important to know  that it is VERY  MUCH  in  the  pleasure  of  God  and  that it has great spiritual  value  and  that  it gives  valuable  fruits. It is necessary to remember that only for the Grace of God it can be done, and  even  then  it  is  necessary  to  pray  and to  be watchful. 

   It is said that these marriages are  known as "JOSEPHITES", in  honor to Saint  Joseph. This  Glorious  Patriarch  was all virtuous: he was meek, poor, humble, obedient etc, but  of all these virtues his CHASTITY only irritated the world. 

   Joseph's  Holy  Chastity  is the  absolute guarantee of the Virginity  of  Mary  and the Child's Incarnation from the Holy Spirit. The  power  to  imitate  the Saint of the Saints for a while will help liberate us from the slavery of the senses and to  spiritualize  and  sweeten our  married life. So we should pray:

   "Saint Joseph, blessed tree of God, not to give  fruits but to give shade, we thank you and we honor you  as Patron of the Families. Perfect  model  of the Virtue of Virginity with fair reason you received  the title of Custodian of Virgins... your power  makes  possible  the  impossible. Grant us the grace to offer  God  some years of purity... not only physic purity but also  the  one  of  the  heart, and  that  we  don't take this exercise  as  a hard burden but  rather  we  must feel it as a wonderful victory of the spirit over matter"!. 

   *In the paragraph 2349 of the Catechism  of the Catholic Church can be found the subject of Chastity explained in a better and more complete way. 



   Dear San José

Dear Saint Joseph, Jesus was hungry  and  you  nourished   him,  Jesus    was  thirsty and   you  quenched   His  thirst,  He was cold  and  you give Him warm,  He didn't have a  roof  and  you provided it. 

After    all   these   acts   of   love    fulfilled    with abnegation  during thirty years, what will Jesus, in His generosity, not grant you? 

Jesus will deny nothing to you our very dear Saint Joseph.  I  beg   of   you   to  use   all  your  power assisting    my   poor   soul   to   obtain,  by   your intercession, the graces I need.