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                    *  POEMS *

                            N° 1 

Dawn that is messenger of the sun in happy shine
 knows of the hammer the whine handled by the Carpenter.
His hand is an early bird that never tires, nor stop,
there is grace before the sun shines in the tiny shop.

He is the head of the house, wholly trusted by the Lord.
In the workshop is the Word coming from the Holy Mouth.
Joseph, your hand's working now with the Son and looking for lengthen the arm of the Lord.

Humble teaching that a God can't miss,
Those who say to know Mystery, can understand?:
A captive God ascertains as apprentice
David's lineage learning in one round!

Simple and easy going far away from great success,
you have a complete access to Highest Glory of loving.
How amazing!, see you moving, getting from Heaven the nod because your home, work and God!.

The whole world can't deter its looking at you in wonder:
tell us how can you, yonder be Saint and a carpenter?
To mix the Glory and the timber Grace and the hardy work, overhead God's smiles and here scarce the bread.

                            N° 2 

To you, patriarch and artisan
that dwell in this poor and hidden house:
In happy voice and humble heart
our song arise.

Regal lineage, in modest position
endure with patience, in silence accept.
While sustain with exhausting work
two sacred lives.

Faithful  craftman and exemplary model 
you give to mankind the most clear tokens:
Honoring  work
and sanctifying lives.

Be merciful to your faithful servants
stop greedy and sordid gains.
That the mystic Christ grow
in all nations.

God, one and trine, who are at once
Father of all and of every soul.
Helps us emulate Joseph's life
and holy death. Amen