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 The Perfect Family 


                                                     ..... Simeone..... 

"I want to talk about the perfect family. ¡ How many things can be learned from it! These two spouses that loved each other as no one else:

Joseph was the head, his authority in the family was absolute. Before that authority the Wife and Mother of God bent and to it was The Son of God subject. Everything Joseph decided was unarguably accepted. His word was small law. And despite this ¡how humble he was! Never abused his power.

In that house there was peace, smile and harmony, and they agreed to make it more beautiful. There was only one thought. There were no arguments, disputes, long faces or mutal reproaches and less of all reproaching God because their poverty. Joseph do not blame Maria as being as she was nor Maria blame Joseph for the lack of comfort. 

They loved each other saintly, and that was the reason. True Love is not selfish and always seeks the good of the other spouse. True Love is chaste, as that of those virginal spouses. Chastity and charity bring a retinue of vitues and make two perfect saints.

In that house there was praying; there is almost not praying in today homes. In that house there was moderation in eating because we must not eat to pleasure our senses but to live; now people live in wealthy  homes and never think about those who have nothing to eat daily.

In that house work was loved, because working men obey the Lord commandment: "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat" (Gen 3-19). Also with work men are free from vices (2 Thes. 3-11) 

In that house humility was queen. What a lesson for us! Arrogant people that we are! Maria had thousands of reasons to be proud and seek veneration from her husband. Some women do that only because they are more educated or wealthier than their husbands. Maria is Wife and Mother of God however She felt herself a "servant". Joseph is the head of the house. God gave him the dignity of head of the Family. 

In that house order was observed: natural and supernatural. Meditate in al this, those that now are in pain because your faults against God. Imitate the holy Spouses that were Mother and Father to me. Where I was born smelling of roses in the fragance of purity. From my stepfather I learned to work as soon as I reached the age of using tools not letting myself be idle. He led me to work teaching me to make things for Mother. In that way he taught me the respect children must have for their Mother.

Where are nowadays the families that teach their children to love work as a mean to please their parents? Nowadays children are tyrants. They grow hard, unconcerned, spoiled. They treat their parents as servants. Do not love them and neither them are loved. While you let your children became abusive and angry you open a gap between them and you. Those children belong anywhere but to you, parents.

Oh, XX century parents! they belong to the professor, the wetnurse, the school, their schoolmates, to the streets. You, mothers, just beget them. You, fathers, follow suit. A child is not only flesh, is intelligence, heart, soul. Remember that nobody but a parent has the duty and right to educate that intelligence, that heart and that soul.

The family exists and must exist. There are no theory that can destroy this truth and not destroy everything else. From broken homes can be expected perverted  men and women cause of further evil. And truly I said that it is better if there are neither marriages nor progenies on earth than  families with less union than apes' clans. Families that do not know virtue, work, love and religion but are a chaos where all live only for themselves and end in pieces. And so living under the weight of the evil that broke their social life. 

You can follow that path if it is your desire but do not complain if this earth become more and more a hellish place, a monsters' cave that devour families and nations.

So be it if that is your wish..."

                                                                      Maria Valtorta (  H.-D. V. 1, pgs. 211 y 217 )