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The Pious Union of the Transit of Saint Joseph or * Holy Crusade* to help dying people, was  founded by Blessed Luis Guanella, and is dedicated to:

1.-Obtain, by means of  Saint Joseph intercession, the grace of a holy and peaceful death for all those people who are agonizing each day,  introducing into Christianity the pious custom to help dying people to die in sanctity with prayers and good deeds.

 2.-Intensify and spread all over the world the devotion to Saint Joseph. This
    Holy Crusade of  prayers on behalf of moribunds, under the Patronage of Saint Joseph, was instituted in Rome by Saint Pious X, on February 17th 1913.- 
To belong to this Crusade and enjoy its favors the following conditions are needed:

1.- Register the name in the Pious Union registry.

2.- Pray in the morning and at night this prayer:   "Glorious Saint Joseph,  adoptive father of the Son of God and true husband of the Holy Virgin Mary, pray for us and for our brothers that agonize in this day/night".-


1.- Participants must frequently offer their good works,  prayers and and sacrifices on behalf of dying people.

2.- They must celebrate  Saint Joseph's Feast with a Novena or a Triduum;  practice some special  devotion on Wednesdays,  day consecrated to Saint Joseph cult. 

3.- At the moment of inscription to the Pious Union they must give an alms for  works in the parish to a church dedicated to Saint Joseph. 

4.-Also is a good practice to ask friends and relatives to become members of the Crusade. 

5.-It is advised to  subscribe and read the magazine *Saint Joseph*,  published in Spanish by the Pious Union of Transit. 

         Address and Administration:

           Parroquia Tránsito de San José
           Av. Emilio Castro 6351
          1408  Capital Federal

         Blessed Luis Guanella is famous by his declaration when he founded the Pious Union:

       "There is a need for good living, but there is a major need for a good death. A good death is everything a human being should ask, specially nowadays when people only think in material things and in having a good time here on Earth, rejecting eternity."

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